Free Download ShareCash Downloader v1.3

ShareCash Downloader

To use this wonderful and useful sharecash downloader, it requires Microsoft .Net Framework with maximum 2.0.It works amazingly and i have download many files with this.So enjoy downloading.....

Download Here:

Download Here:

Free Download Zoner Photo Studio v13.0.1.6 Professional-rG

Zoner Photo Studio v13.0.1.6 Professional-rG - 83 MB

Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing and browsing through your digital memories. With Zoner Photo Studio, youll be editing and personalizing your photos with special effects and even advanced functions like HDR processing. Wow your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas! Process RAW files conveniently and easily with an interface designed specially for photo enthusiasts. Whether you are sharing pictures with your family and friends or publishing to a web gallery, Zoner Photo Studio has the tools for you. Many options are available to help you organize and store your photos on external drives, DVDs, and other media. You'll benefit from full support for SSE and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors. 48-bit color depth ensures you get the highest photo quality, and the color management support is outstanding!


optimized and faster RAW module NEW!
Catalog, advanced picture management and archival NEW!
Multi-exposures help you to do the "impossible" NEW!
Transparency support NEW!
Healing Brush and Selection Brush tool NEW!
direct upload to Facebook, Flickr, and Picassa Web Albums NEW!
64-bit program version NEW!
a wide array of edits and effects for photo enthusiasts
HDR, panoramas, 3D photo maker
convenient, time saving batch operations
support for GPS map data
easy and direct web publishing
templates for calendars, contact lists, and more

Release name: Zoner.Photo.Studio.v13.0.1.6.Professional-rG
Size: 84.3 mb

1. Unpack and install
2a. On 32bit system apply x86-patch
2b. On 64bit system apply x86-patch and x64-patch
3. Enjoy... 

Free Download YouTube Downloader 2.7.2

YouTube Downloader 2.7.2 - 4.48 MB
It's software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, including HD and HQ videos, Facebook, Vevo, and many other sites and convert them to other video formats. The program is easy to use, just specify the URL for the video you want to download and click the Ok. It also allows you to convert downloaded videos for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3. Allows you to access YouTube videos for which you need to be 18+ years of age. Now, plays videos downloaded.

Free Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.50.1

 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.50.1 - 7 MB

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is a high performance anti-malware application that thoroughly removes even the most advanced malware and spyware. With one of the fastest, most effective quick scans and malware removal capabilities on the market, this program is the perfect addition to your PC's defenses. The full version of the product includes a number of key features, including the ability to schedule updates and scans and most importantly, a real-time malware protection module that blocks malicious processes before they even start.
What's new in this version:
  • Fixed issue with the scheduler not performing realtime updates.
  • Fixed multiple issues with product crashing during a scan.
  • Fixed issue with log not saving on certain command line scans.
  • Fixed various issues with Finnish, Italian, and Norwegian languages.
  • Fixed formatting and misspelling issues in product help file.

Free Download Camfrog Video Chat 6.0.92

 Camfrog Video Chat 6.0.92 - 7 MB

Camfrog Video Chat allows you to join real streaming video chat rooms where you can hear, see, and chat with many people at a time. Instant message a user to get to know them before you Webcam chat, and add them to your contact list. This videoconferencing software also works behind most firewalls and routers. Camfrog Video Chat allows multi-user videoconferencing where you can join a room with up to 1000 users and just click a user name to begin seeing someone. Press the 'talk' button to talk to the entire room with audio. The video chat rooms are hosted by broadband users who are running the Camfrog Video Chat Room Server software so any user can set up their own multi-user video conference for other users to join.
What's new in this version: Fixes a bug where users age/sex would not appear on mouse-over in rooms along with other bug fixes and stability enhancements. 

Free Download Avira Key Finder Tool

Free Download New Kaspersky 2011 Anti Blacklist

1. Remove any installed keys.
2. Disable Self-Defense from Kaspersky settings.
3. Exit Kaspersky.
4. Install the crack.
5. Enjoy.

Free Download AVG PC Tuneup 2011 v10.0.0.25 Final

AVG PC Tuneup 2011 v10.0.0.25 Final - 8MB

AVG PC Tuneup 2011 - The ideal solution to your computer. This is a powerful tool for configuring your system is most optimal way, cleaning your registry and disk, as well as optimizing your programs. The program contains a set of more than 18 utilities that can clean up, speed up and solve the problems of your computer.

AVG PC Tuneup 2011 is the only program that will allow you to quickly and accurately tune your system for maximum productivity. Performance of new options included in the package, comparable to the speed of the program Disk Defrag. Quite convenient to configure autostart needed programs, finding them in the taskbar and change their functionality with just one click on the shortcut menu. Most useful utilities - Disk Defrag, RAM Optimizer (memory optimizer) and the Registry Optimizer (registry optimizer) unless you believe that the "optimization" of the register is more than just an illusion, as well as file-shredder, and monitor performance .

Key features:
* You will be notified about when to optimize the system performance of your computer.
* Speed up Internet connection with Internet Optimization Wizard.
* You can manually adjust any parameter of the connection to the Internet.
* View statistics compounds (number of sent / received bytes) and traffic with convenient schedules.
* Adjust the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera.
* Speed up Windows, optimize memory your computer.
* Optimize the components of Microsoft Office.
* Optimize ICQ, MSN Messenger, Outlook Express and Norton SystemWorks.
* Prevent the appearance of pop-up ad banners with Banner Killer.
* Check your system to the need to optimize it, as they say, in one fell swoop!

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: Multilanguage
License: Crack

Free Download Full Speed 3.6.1+Unlock

Full Speed 3.6.1+Unlock - 11 MB

Full Speed allows yo to get faster internet performance from your current connection with one click!
Here are some key features of "Full Speed":

· Faster overall Internet access
· Faster download speeds
· Faster web site browsing performance
· Improved Internet and Intranet performance
· Quicker data download times
· Improved streaming music and movies
· Faster download for songs and video
· Faster performance with email
· Faster loading Web graphics
· Faster loading Web pages
· Speed test for Web site browsing
· Speed test for general data transfer

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· All the data download and Web speed tests, including 3rd Party independent online speed tests built in
· Even easier to use straight from installation
· Pro Boost button for 1Mb and above broadband users
· More accurate auto' optimization for PPPoA or PPPoE
· Bug fixes (some settings were lost after reboot - now fixed)
· Further enhanced booster settings
· New Mozilla Firefox instant boost and tests
· New and instant Browser speed boost, tests and progress
· Even easier to read and follow when running for the first time
· New Refresh button action to ensure no temporary files or cached files are used when refreshing a Web page during the Web speed tests

Reasons why this program is marked as ad-supported:

· Offers to change the homepage for web browsers installed in the system
· Offers to change the default search engine for web browsers installed in the system
· Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function


Free Download SlySoft AnyDVD/AnyDVD HD v6.7.9.0 Final

 SlySoft AnyDVD/AnyDVD HD v6.7.9.0 Final by Blubi | 6.4 MB

AnyDVD is a driver, which descrambles DVD-Movies automatically in the background. This DVD appears unprotected and region code free for all applications and the Windows operating system as well.

AnyDVD's help copy tools like CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD-Copy, etc. are able to copy CSS protected Movies.

You can remove the RPC region code, thereby making the movie region free and viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software. With the help of AnyDVD you can watch movies with non matching region codes with every DVD Player Software you like!
AnyDVD is capable of removing unwanted movie features, including subtitles and prohibition messages such as copyright and FBI warnings. It also allows you to launch an external application whenever you insert or remove a disc, or prevent 'PC-friendly'software from automatically launching when you insert a video DVD.
AnyDVD decrypts not just DVDs: AnyDVD allows you also to play, copy and rip protected Audio CDs!

Decryption is not all that AnyDVD offers. You can control the drive speed of your DVD drive, allowing you to reduce the noise level when watching movies on your PC. You can even adjust the display frequency of your monitor for both NTSC and PAL displays.

Features of AnyDVD:
- Works automatically in the background
- Removes encryption (CSS) and region code (RPC) from DVDs
- Removes analogue copy protection (Macrovision)
- Removes features such as forced subtitles and warnings
- Decrypts without the need to save the data onto your hard-disk
- Decrypts 'on the fly'
- Prevents automatic launching of 'PC-friendly' software on video DVDs
- Allows adjustment of your monitor refresh rate for both NTSC and PAL monitors
- Allows execution of external programs on disc insertion and removal
- Allows speed control of your DVD drives
- Compatible with all DVD media
- Works with all DVD-drives, regardless of region code
- Works with all DVD copying, such as CloneDVD, and all DVD player software
- Works transparently for the operating system: DVDs can be shared over the network and copied with the command prompt or with Windows Explorer, etc.
- Proven to be stable and fast and does not require an ASPI driver
- Features AnyCDDA: play, copy and rip protected audio CDs

AnyDVD HD comes with same functionality as AnyDVD, but with additional features for full HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) support, including decryption of HD-DVD movie discs.
Allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor.
Playback your discs on your PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run (titles released by Studio Canal, The Weinstein Company, Kinowelt, Optimum Releasing).
AnyDVD HD is the "must have" utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.

Another amazing feature of AnyDVD HD is "magic file replacement". Remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts. These scripts will "magically" replace the files on the physical disc. You can customize discs as you like without even making a copy to harddisk!
AnyDVD comes with a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need to install 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP.

Features of AnyDVD HD:
- Same features as regular AnyDVD
- Removes encryption (AACS) from HD-DVDs
- watch movies over digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display.
- playback of discs on the PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run.
- Removes user prohibitions, you can select the language and subtitle track without going through the disc's menu.
- Removes parental restrictions.
- Allows you to remove or skip Studio Logos and warning messages.
- With "magic file replacement Ä�a€?A¢" you can remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts
- The "must have" utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.
- Includes a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need to install 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP.

Features Blu-Ray:
- Same features as regular AnyDVD
- Removes encryption (AACS) from Blu-Ray DVDs
- Removes region codes from Blu-Ray DVDs
- watch movies over digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display.
- The "must have" utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.
- Includes a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need to install 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP.

Changes: 2011-03-06
- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray 3D): Added option to simulate a connected 3D display
- New (Blu-ray 3D): Added warning dialog when ripping to folder
- Change (Blu-ray): Removed obsolete PowerDVD "virtual drive" blacklist workaround
- New (DVD): Workaround for XBOX 360 playback problems. Use "Rip to folder / video dvd to harddisk"
or CloneDVD version or better.
- New (DVD): Workaround for drives not reporting physical information
- New (DVD): Increased compatibility of "Rip Video DVD" output
- Fix (DVD): Vobset error with some discs
- Change: Dropped support for Windows 98/ME
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages

Installation Notes:
1. Un-RAR.
2. Install Program (You may need to Reboot).
3. Block Program with Firewall and Register with supplied HD Key.
(Right Click on Key.AnyDVDHD and choose open with ... AnyDVD)
4. Run AnyDVD and Disable Auto Updates in Settings.

Free Download Advanced Sexual Practices (Volume 1 & 2) pdf

 Advanced Sexual Practices (Volume 1 & 2)
Aralzon Institute Ltd. | 2003 | ISBN: N/A | 461 pages | PDF | 1,6 MB

All too often spirituality, meditation and energetic practices are concerned with denying and overcoming one's humanity. True, it is wise and helpful to refine the rough edges of your character, attain superb health and increase your awareness. But at the same time, life is a gift and it is there to be enjoyed and appreciated not denied and negated.
There is a definite order to the universe, to nature and to the human being and it is by becoming familiar with the forms and aspects of this order that we are able to use it to make our desires, our actions and our whole being flow with ease and with pleasure. It is by using these natural forms, rather than by abusing and going against them, that one is truly able to walk The Way. And then – every step is a pleasure and a joy in itself. This book covers the nature of those forms and how to use them with regard to that most central and pleasurable aspect of life – The Art of Sex.

Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook, 2nd Edition

Facebook Me! A Guide to Socializing, Sharing, and Promoting on Facebook, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Pea,,chpit Pre,ss | 2010 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0321743733 | PDF | 12 MB

With more than 500 million active users around the world and still growing steadily, Facebook is more than just another social media site. In the words of author Dave Awl, Facebook is “the new town square”—the place where people gather to discuss the news of the day as well as share what’s going on in their lives. And Facebook can actually be a useful business tool as well as a great way to promote creative projects.

So what's new in the second edition of Facebook Me? Facebook has changed dramatically since the book was first published, and this newly revised and expanded edition will bring readers up to speed on all the new features and interface elements that have been added and revamped in the time since. It addresses the ongoing controversies about Facebook's privacy policies, with detailed coverage of Facebook's privacy settings and advice for keeping your Facebook experience as secure as possible; as well as expanded info on Facebook's sharing tools and how to control who sees what.

It includes a brand-new chapter called Advertising and Promoting on Facebook that shows you how to apply the principles of social media marketing specifically to Facebook's user culture, in order to maximize the "ripple effect" of Facebook's news feed to win new fans and customers and build stronger bonds with existing ones. Plus there's an expanded chapter on "Facebook at Work"—how to keep your profile professional, avoid getting in trouble, and use Facebook for job hunting. And in the etiquette department, this edition features new guidance on how to deal with conflict and avoid flame wars between Facebook friends.

All in all, Facebook Me! takes you on a guided tour of everything Facebook has to offer and shows you how to get the most out of the time you spend there, while helping you avoid some of its pitfalls!

Find out what you can do on Facebook, and what it can do for you.
Reconnect with old friends and make new ones, let your friends know what you’re up to, and share photos or video—all while protecting your privacy.
Learn Facebook etiquette: how and why to friend someone, how to socialize politely, whether you should friend your boss—and how to keep your profile looking professional if you do.
Publicize your projects, business, or causes: Post to your Wall, set up a Page, organize a Group, or invite friends to Events. Discover how to use Facebook’s News Feed to connect with an audience that reaches far beyond the boundaries of your own friends list.
Look for the Facebook Me! page on Facebook to connect with the author and other readers of this book! 

Free Download 4U Download YouTube Video v4.2.8 Portable

4U Download YouTube Video v4.2.8 Portable | 4 Mb

Are you looking for a software to download youtube video? 4U Download YouTube Video is the profect solution for you. 4U Download YouTube Video is a powerful video software to download videos from YouTube and save as many different video formats, such as MPEG, AVI, DivX, XviD, MP4, 3GP, WMV, ASF, MOV, QT, VOB, etc. It also allows you to save your favorite online videos to audio formats which includes MP3, AC3, AAC, M4A. With 4U Download YouTube Video, you can download and transfer YouTube video into your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone, PDA, PocketPC, Cell Phone, or other portable video device, including Archos, iRiver, or Creative Zen Vision. Now, 4U Download YouTube Video not only supports YouTube video, but also downloads videos from Google video and Myspace.

-- Donwload Videos from YouTube
- This is a perfect solution for download videos from youtube and convert them to PC. It supports most of videos, such as DivX, XviD, MP4, MOV, QT, MPEG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, MPG, ASF, AVI, iPod/iPhone, PSP,H264 format.
-- Download YouTube Videos to PSP
- This tool is a YouTube to PSP Converter to download and convert youtube video to PSP format, including H264 format.
-- Download YouTube Videos to 3GP for Mobile Phone
- This utility is also a YouTube to 3GP Converter, which can download video from youtube and convert them to 3GP format that can be played by Motorola, Nokia mobile phone or other 3GP player.
-- Download YouTube Videos to MP4
- As a YouTube video to MP4 Converter, it not only converts youtube video to various video formats, such as DivX, XviD, MPEG, MOV, QT, VOB, 3GP, WMV, ASF, AVI to MP4, but also converts youtube video to MP4 format.
-- Download YouTube Videos to iPod/iPhone
- 4U Download YouTube Video is a youtube video to iPod downloader and allows you to download youtube video to iPod format which your iPod understands, and supports iPod screen.
-- Download YouTube Video to MP3
- You can download and convert youtube video to mp3 converter as well, it can extract audio tracks from youtube videos and save them as MP3 format directly.

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